Every job has a unique work setting. From open-concept offices, cubicles, or even construction sights, each workplace offers its own advantages and drawbacks. For a select few, some are able to do their job from the comforts of their own home. While this may seem like a dream to most, working from home presents some challenges:


Being Overworked

While some may think working from home can be stress-free and relaxing, it can actually be more challenging than working in an office setting. Many times managers will fear that employees working from home will slack off on their work. Because of this, many supervisors and managers will assign more work. This can lead to longer hours and harder work days. Working from home can also lead to forgetting to take a break and stopping their work at reasonable hours. Without even knowing, those working from home will be working into the very late hours of the night.


Remaining Motivated

Without an office setting that offers managers to monitor your work in real0time, working from home takes extreme self-motivation. Having more flexible hours leaves more room to get distracted and not prioritize work. DIstractions like cleaning the kitchen, caring for a pet, or other activities waiting to be done around the house can easily keep an employee from their work. When working from home, it’s important to always be on top of their schedule and the employee must hold themselves accountable.


Lack of Interaction

Humans need to interact with other humans–this is a fact of life. Working from home can lead to extreme loneliness because there is no one else there to talk with. In an office setting, even if no one is having conversations, there are still people there to keep you company. The occasional talk or meeting with coworkers offers necessary human interaction. Being in the same place for too long can easily lead to depression. Even when the work day is done, they are still in the same setting they’ve been in all day long.


Challenges with Technology

If there is one sure thing that an office setting will offer employees it is reliable technology. When at home, tech equipment can sometimes fail and throws the entire workday off. From a failed internet connection or a computer breakdown, these instances can easily set work back for at least a few hours. The internet at home needs to be fast and reliable, as well as other tech supplies, for the work day to go smoothly. If any of the technology that at-home workers rely on breaks down, they are in for serious challenges.

When deciding if working from home is the right decision or doable, be sure to go over the challenges that come with it. Although working from home offers great advantages, there are also many drawbacks that need to be taken into consideration.