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Who is Shane Krider?

Shane Krider is a successful entrepreneur, success coach, speaker, author and investor.

Shane Krider has an unlikely background and an unusual approach to success. Being a high school dropout, Shane went from dead broke at the age of twenty six to a self-made millionaire by the age of twenty eight. Then Shane lost it all at twenty nine and by thirty four had not only made it back but had taken things to a whole new level, with his company being valued at one hundred and seventy million dollars.

Shane Krider has experienced success and tragedy. Shane attributes much of his success to the insights gained as a result of a life threatening accident, suffering a significant brain injury and a near death experience.

This accident coincided with the loss of his first business but Shane found he had gained something significant. A unique insight and a perception, a “knowing” about how to transform life.

Shane used these insights to recreate his wealth very quickly, far surpassing anything he had ever experienced before.

After realizing the value of what he had learned, Shane has spent everyday since sharing his approach to life using personal development philosophies with tens of thousands of men and women at exclusive live seminars and special trainings. Now, Shane wants to broadcast what he knows to everyone. See the life changing results individuals have experienced through learning these insights on, Shane Krider’s Mind Power podcast and the soon to be launched, Shane Krider Inside The Mastermind “micro-cast”. Shane is also a published author for multiple lifestyle publications.


“Your personal philosophy is the single greatest determining factor for your level of health, wealth and happiness.”


Shane Krider

Shane Krider speaking in Sydney Australia to a group of people who want to become lucrative entrepreneurs. Shane shares his perspective on what it really takes to become successful.

Tap into your spiritual and evolutionary drive to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Understand and embrace the power of your mind and unleash yourself from self imposed barriers. Open up to new possibilities!


“Walk confidently into your future with the knowing that you can create your life the way you want it to be.”


Shane Krider


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Join Shane Krider live in conference on the Navigator Of The Seas cruise ship somewhere east of Portugal. Shane Krider shares with a group of entrepreneurs the value of discipline and how the feeling of success is a result of discipline rather than results alone.