Shane Krider is the co-host of personal development podcast Mind Power. Broadcasting from Australia, and soon from Thailand, the podcast reaches thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs and discusses topics such as communication, dreams, vibrations, philosophy, spirituality and more. Along with his wife, Shane Krider helps to uplift the spirits of men and women who are in the same struggling financial position he once was years ago.

Being a high school dropout, Shane started his first business as a travel agent. His business performed exceptionally well, and he became a millionaire just two years of the initial opening of his business. However, the business failed and Shane was out of luck. Defeated, Shane took a vacation to recuperate and while on his trip, he got into a life-threatening water-skiing accident. Combined with the loss of his business, Shane was provided a unique perception: an epiphany about how to transform his life. With persistence and many personal development books, Shane was able to make all of his money back and more.

With an unusual approach to life, Shane Krider attributes much of his success to the insights he gained during his epiphany. With a new outlook on life and an eternal student of self-education, Shane Krider is always working to improve his life, as well as others. Now a success coach, author, producer and speaker, Shane is constantly sharing his personal development philosophies and experiences with thousands of men and women via conferences, seminars and workshops around the world.

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