In the second episode of Rachel & Shane Krider’s personal development podcast, Shane discusses how gratitude can be the tool to alleviate chronic stress.  

Below is a snippet of Shane talking about a blog he believes in that describes the effects of chronic stress. You can listen to the full podcast on Rachel & Shane’s YouTube channel.

There is a great article written by this online blogger and the blog is “Be Brain Fit.” This blog was written by Deane Alban, sorry Deane if you’re listening to this if I’m not pronouncing your name correctly. No, I’m the worst with names, that’s a positive affirmation about how bad I am with names. One of my guidelines is personal development is not a pursuit of perfection, and you guys will definitely see that see that as this all plays out. But, it is a pursuit of getting the results and creating the life that you want, as imperfect as we can possibly be. So there’s a great article, and it’s 12 Effects of Chronic Stress on Your Brain. Why are we talking about chronic stress when we’re talking about gratitude? Well here’s why. It’s very simple, chronic stress in my opinion, and hopefully as this episode unfolds you guys will see for yourself, chronic stress is the result of lack of gratitude, and granted, maybe it’s not a [direct] result of lack of gratitude but you can definitely use gratitude as a tool to change that chronic stress into something completely different. And I think it’s important to understand the 12 effects of chronic stress.


Here’s my take on gratitude. The reason I bring up this article is because I’m gonna talk about a lot of things. I’m sure some of you guys are gonna be like, well you know, how real is that? Well, this article was very well documented, and it covers a lot of things I’m going to be talking about. And if you want to look for some hardcore, substantiated medical science facts about this stuff, that article is a great shortcut for you guys to be able to feed your mind and find anything that you want on that.

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