Interactions with other individuals can easily shape our lives. Have you ever had a difficult incident with another person that tainted the rest of your day? One way of regaining a upbeat mindset is to reframe your interactions with others so that they’re more positive. The following steps will help you have more positive interactions with others.

Calm Yourself Down

When an interaction is going poorly, do not respond immediately in the heat of frustration. If you do, your reaction will likely be negative. Instead, be very purposeful about taking time to calm down. Don’t wait for someone else to to tell you to calm down. Slowly count to ten, or take deep breaths if necessary. Think through what you’re about to say. Place yourself in the other person’s shoes, and avoid jumping to an instant conclusion.

Reframe Your Speech

An angry speech will only escalate the situation, and the other party will more likely than not respond in kind, escalating things further. If you need to confront someone, be cautious with your tone and body language. A frustrated tone will automatically cause others to be defensive. Instead, speak calmly and clearly. Remember that others will also pick up on non-verbal cues. Don’t scowl and cross your arms– this makes you appear closed-off and upset. Avoid getting too close and “in their face.” This body language is very hostile.

Listen to Others

Remember the Golden Rule? This is an idea you likely first heard about as a child. Even though the Golden Rule seems simple, it’s difficult to put into practice, especially in negative interactions. You should, however, still seek to treat others how you would like be treated. If you were frustrated, chances are you would like someone to hear you out. Take time to listen calmly to others without constantly trying to interject and argue with them. By listening to others, you’ll be able to better understand where they’re coming from and work to develop a solution that benefits you both.

By following these three steps, you’ll be able to successfully reframe your interactions with others. Don’t let a negative conversation ruin your day! By taking time first to calm yourself down, being thoughtful about your speech and body language, and listening to others, you’ll be able to have more positive and uplifting interactions. Positive interactions will add up, and change your mindset and life.